John Wesley Boyd, Jr.

John Wesley Boyd, Jr. resides in Boydton, Virginia with his wife Kara Brewer Boyd. He is a fourth-generation farmer, civil rights activist and the founder of the National Black Farmers Association (NBFA). He owns/operates a 1500-acre farming operation growing soybean, corn, wheat and produce in addition to raising beef cattle, American Guinea Hogs, Nigerian Goats & Chickens. For 14 years Boyd was a chicken farmer in a Perdue Farms breeder program. He was also a tobacco farmer for many years. He formed the NBFA, a Virginia-based non-profit organization, in the early 1990’s. In his role with the NBFA, Boyd has worked closely with national leaders in government, agriculture organizations and rural groups nationwide as well as internationally. Beating the odds as an African-American Farmer, John Boyd of Virginia is an American success story featured in the History Channel docuseries The American Fa